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When you or someone you know doesn't have anything to do.
Garth "I am going to shred some mountain bike trails while I am on holiday, I cant wait"
Friends " What is Jemma going to get up to? "
Garth "Don't worry guys she has #plentytodo"
by #g&jl January 15, 2017
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1: When you dont have plenty to do.

But want an excuse to give to your friends so you dont have to be around them.
Friend - Do you guys want to come around for beers, some pizza and play some playstation 4 tonight?
Answer - Sorry friend I am very busy I have #plentytodo
by #g&jl January 15, 2017
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In contact sports for example Rugby League, the Act of passing the football when you are too scared to take the hit up on your own, Instead passing the football late to a team mate putting them in a position where they will get hit hard by the opposition, potentially putting them into hospital .
Ryan has just thrown a real late ball, He should have taken the hit himself, What a hospital ball. Classic Ryan.
by #g&jl October 08, 2019
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