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A really, really cool awesome super fantastic game invented by the two most awesome ppl on earth where u take part of the lyrics from a song, then the next person has to find a section of lyrics from another song that start with the word the last one ended with. You can't use the same song twice and whoever gets stuck first loses. You generaly play while doing the dishes, thus the name!!
person 1: is there anybody left in here who doesn't wanna be out there, I predict a riot-- riot.

person 2: a riot girl and she's takin on the world, emergency call 911, she's pissed off at everyone-- everyone.

person 1: everyone i love, everyone i care about, they're all gonna wanna know what's wrong with me and i know what it is so im endin this right now-- now.
etc etc etc
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The fat dude wiv the batman mask and the dildo out of Fat Pizza.
Paulie: "OMG!!It's that stooge FATMAN!!!"
Bobo: "He stole my pizza's get him!!"
Paulie "orright, il bash that stooge if when we get back, we disscuss my payrise!!"
Bobo: "Ok, go!!"
Paulie leaves
Bobo: "hehe, payrise, he falls for the same trick every year!!"
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