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the (wrong) "rev" skippy dammit
(home of lil bastards' day care center & tennis shoe manufacturing facility)

home of "sermon de jour sans collection plate"
skippy dammit is SO the bomb !

he/it has simple solutions to complex problems.

by "rev" skippy dammit September 20, 2008

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Defecation. Voiding of bowels.
Last night I ate a lot of roughage and this morning had to take a HUGE landrieu.
by "rev" skippy dammit June 01, 2017

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Ankle cancer is a horrible malady usually confined to the human ankle characterized by pain, soreness, inability to walk properly, and limited mobility.
Rarely ankle cancer can migrate to other joints; usually in cold weather.

Suffering in silence is not an option with ankle cancer as complaining about it
lessens the symptoms.
Sipping bourbon and/or Single Malt Scotch also lessens the pain of ankle cancer.

So far ankle cancer has proved to be incurable and increases with age of the patient.
Ankle cancer awareness is greatly enhanced by The WRONG Rev. Skippy Dammit's
annual fundraiser "The Limp For The Cure".
My ankle cancer was really acting up this morning until the bourbon kicked in.
by "rev" skippy dammit May 05, 2016

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