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something you say when someone is stareing right at you and you look at them and they are still looking at you, you say boo in a wat are you looking at voice and they stop looking at you!!!
girl#1:(looks at a gurl and she looking at her) boo wat you looking at lil ugly
girl#2:rolls her eyes and stops looking
by *gloria* April 22, 2008
something you say when someboby is staring at you real hard like its somethin on your face
"boo, nigga shit!"
by Darcie December 08, 2003
intra. v.
1. Name of cute little girl in Monsters Inc. who came into the monster world and terrorized Mike Wizowski and James SUllivan, the leading scarers at Monster Inc.
2. Very cute girl who wore oversized, pink shirt and had pony tails.
3. Yelled "Mike Wizowski!" all the time in a cute high pitched voice similar to butter on a bald monkey.
Mike Wizowski

Boo said, "boo!

Mike Wizowski!
by eric hsu January 06, 2004
1) 1 of the 3 main relationship types, the others being Shawty and Girl/Boy.

Of all 3 Boo is easily the most miss used and misunderstood. Your 'Boo' originally designated "the person you fuck but don't want to be seen with..."

2) desperation fuck-buddy, that one lay you know that you can get, but really don't want to stoop to
"Oh look out son, here comes your Boo." "Oh Shit!!" ((panicked diving behind bushes, crawling for the alley, and running like mad))
by Raymonde Duffielle December 15, 2009
To be upset or to sulk. To be miserable.
I ate the last donut in the box, which put Wendy into a right Boo.
by gavween February 03, 2007
when you looking at someone insted of saying what the fuck you lookin' at they say
by the cool wierd hot butt ugly g December 07, 2008
A "Boo" is a racist term for an African-American. This has two possible origins:

1. An sort of pun created from another racist name for black people: "spook".


2. An abbreviation of another racist term for blacks: "jig-a-boo".
Racist #1: "Damn, Tony did you see the lips on that boo?"

Racist #2: "Yeah, that spook had lips so big his head tipped forward".

Racist #1: Yeah, it was as long as a mule's lip from his ear down!"

Racist #2: "He was dark, too!"

Racist #1: "No kidding! That boo was so black he was almost purple!"
by Juderunner July 26, 2008