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'zwaf·fl·ing' Slapping someone across the face on the cheeks with your Penis,humiliating the other person
*bob zwaffles his wife in the middle of a discussion to show her whos boss*
by breekz December 29, 2003
To zwaffle: Waking up your girlfriend by slapping her gently in the face with your half erect penis.
'Ruud tried to zwaffle me last week but I bit him.'

English version of the Dutch verb 'zwaffelen', a slang word in the student population of the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands.
by Ronald Hogenboom May 07, 2006
To slap your penis into someones face or somewhere else. Usually happens when everyone is drunk or stoned and someone passes out or falls asleep. When he/she gets zwaffle'd, everyone laughs their ass off.
Guy 1: Look, he passed out hahahha.
Guy 2: Well go ahead, give him a zwaffle
Guy 1 *slap*
Guy 3: w..w w-What the fuck man?
by Dick September 17, 2005
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