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someone who plays computer games to much
that dude is a complete zorg he needs to get a life.
by pooscooper December 27, 2004
A type of alien that turns you into two. If the alien kills one, the other one dies as well.
That Zorg just turned me into two people. I hope the other me doesn't die so that I don't die as well
by kindergartenideology July 17, 2010
The crazy looking creatures in Halo. I don't know their real name so I refer to them as zorgs.
Holy shit! Look out for that zorg behind the rock.
by Deez November 14, 2004
A cigarette
John: Hey Jim, can you light me a Zorg?
Jim: Sorry John, I'm running low on Zorgs, why don't you get your own and stop being a leech?
by Theperfectkind July 22, 2014
Accidentally added extra characters in word.
Why there is zorgs in every word you type.
by Jorma Joutava April 12, 2004
A evil space being comming down to earth soon too take over the world and end are puny race moahahaha... THe only thign that get;s in his way is BOBE MAGERA(see bobe)...

The goverment knows do you???
Aghhhhhhhhh look there's ZORG eatign are featus's vioalating are women and pillaging places of worship and villages...
Just another sunny subtropical ultraviolet ozone not there any more sunday in 2050...
by Zorg January 12, 2004
1. The evil alter-ego of Zoe.
2. Craze of changing ones name to comply to the laws of Zorg, by putting "org" after the first letter/syllable of ones name. eg. Stephen -> Storg; Jeff -> Jorg; etc
"Katy, I'm not really Zoe, I'm Zorg!"
by Storg Korg September 15, 2003
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