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The sarcastic, mantis-like character from "Space Ghost." Sits a desk on "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" and is an asshole to Space Ghost at all times. Gets lasered a lot and never seems to die. Also appears on "The Brak Show."
Space Ghost: Maybe if we put a giant sattelite into orbit we can see into people's brains.
Zorak: That's a terrible idea.
Space Ghost: Shut up! *Laser Blast*
Zorak: *groans* ow.
by ntimid8r January 11, 2006
the most kickass cartoon character EVER!Evil space mantis captured by space ghost who is now space ghost's band leader. Zorak is also the "best friend" of Brak on the brak show.Has abnormally good singing voice also called his "man voice." Created his own series called "Blood dumpster"
"i'm gonna kick you ass untill your hear falls off. then i'll kick your head and kick you ass again. Why? I don't think its learned its lesson"
by Leenikins February 21, 2004
Evil mantis from 1960s superhero show '
space Ghost' recently appears in 'Space Ghost Cost to Cost','The Brak Show'and'Cartoon Planet'
by The catfish September 13, 2003
to be a complete asshole at all times.
hey man, can you stop being a zorak for five seconds.
by thezorak July 13, 2011
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