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The sarcastic, mantis-like character from "Space Ghost." Sits a desk on "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" and is an asshole to Space Ghost at all times. Gets lasered a lot and never seems to die. Also appears on "The Brak Show."
Space Ghost: Maybe if we put a giant sattelite into orbit we can see into people's brains.
Zorak: That's a terrible idea.
Space Ghost: Shut up! *Laser Blast*
Zorak: *groans* ow.
by ntimid8r January 11, 2006
Most commonly used as the phrase "laugh out loud" in IM conversations. A less common use however is the phrase "lots of love" which is used at the end of conversations.
CoolGuy47: I think i am gonna go to bed now.
SeXyChik99: ok. Bye. lol <3
(in this case it would be lots of love)
by nTimID8r September 11, 2005
Where a person inserts one finger in a woman's vagina whilst two fingers enter her anus.
Lovingly Known As:
One in the pink, two in the stink.
One in the fun, two in the bun.
(just reverse all of the sayings for the shocker)
"Ready for the intimidator, honey?"-Man
"What's 'the intimidator'?"-Woman
"You'll see."-Man
Man inserts fingers in their proper places....
"OOH! That was intimidating."-Woman
by nTimID8r September 09, 2005

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