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the prettiest of the pretty girls. popular in the 1920s flapper era.
"She's the bee's knees, a real zoozie!"
by justinjax March 11, 2009
A new girl at school that everyone wants the 411 on.
"Did you see that zoozie in Algebra today?"
by salty jane March 11, 2009
The Quintessential girl next door type, can hang with the boys, while still being a bombshell at even given moment.
Steve: Hey Carina, what ya wanna do tonight

Carina: Lets just stay in, I want to watch the Ball game.

Steve: Awesome , you're a total Zoozie.
by Ian Cognito March 13, 2009
a name to yell when u catch someone masturbating and they don't see you
vince: o yea o yea
kyle: wtf ZOOZIE
vince:o shit u caught me!
by speshul_K August 28, 2005