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Adjective. Fast, zippy, fun, aerodynamic/stylish. Coined from Mazda car commercials.
That's a zoom-zoom ride you have there.
by rebelle belle March 15, 2004
prison slang for items bought from a list of goods one can buy from the prison canteen. i.e. cookies, snacks, etc.
Man if you keep losing at spades, you gonna lose all your wham whams and zoom zooms.
by prison linguist May 18, 2004
zoom zoom

1. (interjection) good bye; an expression used at parting with friend or frenemy.
2. A way to tell someone to that they need to leave and scoot along with their day; used with mild disappointment.
A: "Hey wanna go out tonight?"
B: "Sorry I can't, I have homework"
A: "Ugh, Zoom zoom"
by Gale H. May 28, 2014
Verb used by Mazda and Mazda engineered car(see Probe, Escort GT, Escort LX-E, Tracer LTS, Mercury Capri(and XR-2), and Festiva) owners instead of the word "drive" to convey spirited, agressive, sporty, and fun, driving.
Originated in Mazda commercials starting in 1999.
Police Officer: Sir, do you know how fast you were travelling back there?
Me: Sir, to tell you the truth I was zoom zooming so I'm sure I was going pretty quick.
Police Officer: I first saw you flying down the clover leaf exit back there, you looked out of control.
Me: Don't worry officer, I was just having a zoom zoom moment, I'll try to keep myself from doing that in the future.
Police Officer: Well, that's ok. I'm going to let you go on a warning. Have a nice day and be careful.
Me: Thanks officer. *gets out of sight and continues zoom zooming*
by MazKid February 28, 2006
Little fellow that used to hang around with 'The Little Green Man' in a 1980's Kids TV show in the U.K, ITV 4PM. Sorely missed by all.
Did anyone catch last nights episode of The little green man and zoom zoom
by Konatone March 10, 2004
Trademark from Mazda's commercials, both in the music and spoken by young boy at the end.
"zoom... zoom... zoom"

"Zoom... Zoom"
by Dave March 14, 2004
West Indies term for a womans ass.
Da gyal get one fat zoom zoom! RASS!
by INFAMOUS February 21, 2005
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