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Suicide by means of animals at the zoo.
The man jumping into the Komodo dragon exhibit was an obvious zooicide.
#zoo #suicide #by #animal #death
by Boss Nast October 09, 2011
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When captive Lemmings throw themselves off of cliffs or other scenery in their exhibits.
I went to the zoo and watched the Lemmings commit Zooicide
#zooiside #suicide #zoo #zoos #zoocide
by GHEOOLRYGOIANKA January 08, 2011
the act of tormenting or acting like food for caged, dangerous animals. (like in a zoo) acting a douche, usually trying to impress your friends, could have you ending up inside with the beasts. or, in several other cases, the animals break-free leaving you seriously injured or dead.
"hey man! knock it off! stop trying to commit zooicide!
#suicide #idiot #crazy #friends #zoo
by b.c.c. April 10, 2009
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