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1. Verb - to Zondo a joint is to smoke it down to 1/4 and then dip the end in sugar. This is particularly enjoyable if you are with a friend, as the sugar makes you feel like sunshine.

2. Noun - A Zondo is a joint that has had the roach end smeared in sugar.

Also, you can substitute the sugar for any other granulated substance of your choice, but then you must attach a prefix to the word Zondo (for example, Limestonezondo)
When we Zondo'ed that joint, Locomoto locomoto locomoto... And that's all I remember.
#sugar #joint #zondini #weed #grass
by TGSMaverick December 03, 2005
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The schizophrenic other half of Zander, this more interesting chap is occasionally seen causing havoc in places such as dornoch, birmingham and especially dunfermiline were he likes to try out UFC moves. Unfortunaltely the good banter and drinking of zondo is rarely seen as he is increasingly having after work naps and early nights.
George: Are we out on the shot tonight then boys.

Reese Eder: Nah im gonna head up.

George: Come on Zondo, don't be such a Zander all the time
#zoe #runcorn #pumped #by #mike
by Mrsrossisboss October 27, 2010
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