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1. Verb - to Zondo a joint is to smoke it down to 1/4 and then dip the end in sugar. This is particularly enjoyable if you are with a friend, as the sugar makes you feel like sunshine.

2. Noun - A Zondo is a joint that has had the roach end smeared in sugar.

Also, you can substitute the sugar for any other granulated substance of your choice, but then you must attach a prefix to the word Zondo (for example, Limestonezondo)
When we Zondo'ed that joint, Locomoto locomoto locomoto... And that's all I remember.
#sugar #joint #zondini #weed #grass
by TGSMaverick December 03, 2005
A chocolate kiss is the act of deliberately incorrectly wiping your asshole, so that the next time you are recieving a rim job your partner gets some hershey stains on his lips and teeth. This transaction is known as a chocolate kiss, and although involantary in most cases can sometimes be done deliberately by either person for enhanced pleasure or for revenge.
1) Wait until Duke finds out that I have prepped my asshole for a chocolate kiss

2) Although it took me 3 weeks to clean the corn out of my teeth, I really enjoyed it when I gave Doc a chocolate kiss. What a fantastic birthday present, and a fantastic boyfriend I have.
#kiss #chocoalte kiss #choccy kiss #choc kiss #shit kiss #hershey kiss
by TGSMaverick January 11, 2006
The next fad of todays generation. While in the 60's they had cannabis, in the 00's we have Boo Whore.

It was first coined in the hit movie Mean Girls, although unfortunately not by Lindsay Lohan as we all wished. This does not ruin the fun and frolic of the saying however, and nowadays it is seen as a good gesture to use this phrase whenever you see fit.
1) Boo Whore! - as a greeting
2) Boo Whore! - as a threat
3) Boo Whore... - as a way of expressing ones tears
4) Boo Whore! - as a way of shooing off unwanted ethnics
5) Boo whore? - as a way of questioning God almighty
#boo you whore #boo hoo #boob whore #boowhore #boo youwhore #boo u whore
by TGSMaverick January 11, 2006
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