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Created by nixpoopypants on aim while talking to xReBeLgUiTaRiStx

We were joking arround and somehow I just thought of it since ZOMG makes fun of people always saying OMGZ and lol I decided to add an a at the end to make it funnier.
xReBeLgUiTaRiStx: OMGZ teh cutz down teh treee!!!

NixPoopyPants: ZOMGA!
by fanx September 26, 2006
An emphasized way of saying of omg. Often used to express sarcasm, or disbelief. Can also be considered part of the leet language and or culture.
Timmy: Zomga, Freddy I never knew that the sun was round.
Freddy: Yea, I never knew it either.
by Pear Bear June 27, 2006
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