zomg is a modern abbreviation for the saying "zorbog on my goal." The phrase is derived from the story of Zorbog, a futuristic robot with sadistic tendancies who was cursed by the rain god Xothorpona in the year 3000. This is basically how the story goes. One day when he came home at lunchtime, he heard a funny noise. Went out to the backyard to find out if it was one of those ratty boys. He stood there with his neighbor called Peter, and a Flux Capacitor.
ZOMG there's a Flux Capacitor in his backyard!
ZOMG there's a Flux Capacitor in his backyard!
by zorbog April 10, 2008
short for "Zombies oh my god!"
G.A. Romero: ZOMG they're eating him
by Ben W. Smith March 24, 2008
ZOMBIES oh my god
"ZOMG...just shat my self
by mwmwmwmwmw February 05, 2009
How thirty-year-olds that live with their moms say 'OMG'.
zOMG! My mom just made me bagel bitezz!

by krazykushluk June 24, 2006
An expression used by interweb-geeky people, the more interesting version of OMG.
ZOMG, there's an effing LLAMA in your anus.
by Qween ArseLot November 21, 2007
ZOMG is neither an acronym nor a word; it is an entity. ZOMG is a mythological figure who wields a sword tainted with the blood of emo kids. He slightly resembles a combination of a disdainful viking and the Motörhead skull mascot.

And if UD allowed images, I would post ZOMG in all his Viking glory. I will edit this entry in future when I can post an image.

ZOMG, the vikingotörhead, owns all your foolish definitions.
ZOMG is not an example, either!!!
by Motörmeshie November 27, 2006
Just another way to say, 'omg'.
Sally: Like my purse?
Jane: ZOMG! It's so cool!
by Joey WEBER September 08, 2007

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