short for "Zombies oh my god!"
G.A. Romero: ZOMG they're eating him
by Ben W. Smith March 24, 2008
ZOMBIES oh my god
"ZOMG...just shat my self
by mwmwmwmwmw February 05, 2009
How thirty-year-olds that live with their moms say 'OMG'.
zOMG! My mom just made me bagel bitezz!

by krazykushluk June 24, 2006
An expression used by interweb-geeky people, the more interesting version of OMG.
ZOMG, there's an effing LLAMA in your anus.
by Qween ArseLot November 21, 2007
ZOMG is neither an acronym nor a word; it is an entity. ZOMG is a mythological figure who wields a sword tainted with the blood of emo kids. He slightly resembles a combination of a disdainful viking and the Motörhead skull mascot.

And if UD allowed images, I would post ZOMG in all his Viking glory. I will edit this entry in future when I can post an image.

ZOMG, the vikingotörhead, owns all your foolish definitions.
ZOMG is not an example, either!!!
by Motörmeshie November 27, 2006
Just another way to say, 'omg'.
Sally: Like my purse?
Jane: ZOMG! It's so cool!
by Joey WEBER September 08, 2007
Zombie Oh My God
ZOMG look out behind you!
by The O Rawrfull One x January 28, 2009

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