1: Exagerated omg
2: Rarley, among zombie belivers; Zombies,OH MY GOD!!!
1: Zomg, mcdonalds stinks
by Person... maybe May 05, 2007
Zombies! Oh My God!
A version of the know OMG, used for situations involving zombies.
ZOMG! Lets get the hell out of here!
by Anders Knudsen April 21, 2007
ZOMG is neither an acronym nor a word; it is an entity. ZOMG is a mythological figure who wields a sword tainted with the blood of emo kids.
Bill: Jesus Christ! That ZOMG just stabbed the lead singer of My Chemical Romance in the eye!
Bob: You're right! and now the bassist is crying!
by Allison Ruhe March 01, 2007
This is a popular mmorpg introduced by gaia. The sotry line says that a curse was put upon a world and now inanimate objects have to come to life and you must fend them off.
I love to play zOMG!
ZOMG - Zoh My God
From the original slang of "OMG"
Usually used by 'bin rats' and people that have the urge to add 'Z's' everywhere.
ZOMG! Look at the size of that taipan!
by Scene Wannabes xx April 03, 2010
it is a jewish version of OMG. (Z stands for ZIONIST). It is supposed to appeal to the good old punishing God and none of that soft and weepy JC crap.
zomg u suck, hitting that draw every time, fu smd gg
by Ahinogood June 25, 2009
The term OMG stands for oh my god.

With a Z in fron it stands for ZOMBIES! OH MY GOD!
Is that a dead person coming out of the ground? ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!
by cretinhop25 April 23, 2009
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