Zombies, oh my god.
while playing COD nazi zombies the abbreviation zomg is one of frequent importance
by Benny G man July 25, 2009
a more entusiastic way of saying oh my god
ZOMG!!!! That is one big cock
by SexyBeastKatie April 13, 2009
soo exited about something or someone and youre kind of getting your listeners attention by telling them that whatever your about to say is worth listening to
ZOMG youll never believe what happened!
by missmurder555 December 20, 2008
Differing opinions exist on this subject... many believe it to mean "oh my god" and just to be another varient...

However a select few have been chosen to know the truth behind the phenominon...

For the truth is.. zomg actually mean "Zombies on my genitalia"
ZoMg it hurts tbh...
ZOMG u suck...
by Teh zombie clones of Argon XII August 27, 2008
Zombies, Oh-my-god: an acronym often used as internet slang.
ZOMG a kitty!!1111 ZOMG, get the guns! ZOMG I love the blood on your face, how do you get that color? ZOMG, can I have your leg when you are done with it?
by Bob Evan July 06, 2008
it is a jewish version of OMG. (Z stands for ZIONIST). It is supposed to appeal to the good old punishing God and none of that soft and weepy JC crap.
zomg u suck, hitting that draw every time, fu smd gg
by Ahinogood June 25, 2009
The term OMG stands for oh my god.

With a Z in fron it stands for ZOMBIES! OH MY GOD!
Is that a dead person coming out of the ground? ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!
by cretinhop25 April 23, 2009

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