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Zombus are a kind of zombies which seek out prunes, but their speech impediment makes them gravely understood as if they are hungry for brains.

Pronounced with a U like in BULL, rather than like in GUM.
Singular is Zombu
A zombie and a zombu slouch down the marketplace
Zombie: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains
Zombu: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains
People run away
People: Ahhhhhhhhh! Zombies!
Zombu and his zombus friends catch a prune stall and eat prunes.
People: Cool, these are only zombus!
Zombie catches a person, cracks open their head, and slurps the brain.
by aervw December 14, 2010
A bus that has been filled with zombies who were once human. They crave human flesh, if you get too close it will bite or pull you inside for your last ride.
As I approached the school bus I realized that it was a zombus and I retreated quickly.
by soldierx March 10, 2009
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