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The planned tactics and procedures one will take in preparation to and/or in the event of the zombie apocalypse.
(zombie gnawing on corpse)
Steve: I bet that guy wishes he'd devised and followed a zombie plan.
by emjayen May 19, 2009
22 8
a plan prepared for when the zombies take over the earth.
In my zombie plan, im going to Alaska because zombies have no body heat. They'll freeze like corpsesicles!
by d0onut November 16, 2006
71 14
Also Known As "THE PLAN"
If A Zombie Apocalypse Happened, This Is Your Plan Of Action.
Everyone Has One
Grif: You Don't Have A Zombie Plan!!
Simmons: There's No Point!
Grif: Hey Watch, SARGE!
Sarge: Yeah
Simmons: Sarge, Do You Have A Zombie Plan
Sarge: No
Simmons: See
Sarge: I Have 7!
by xXPrivateCabooseXx May 01, 2009
13 4
something every guy has
Shaun: dude, whats your zombie plan?

Fred: Cabelas, yours?

Shaun: Same
by vaugn February 24, 2012
1 0