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Zoarch - evidencing conspicuous boldness or unusualness (of architecture, visual design, music, dance, etc.) flamboyance, eye-catching or ear-catching quality, showiness

Zoarchy - conspicuously bold or unusual design, eye-catching, flamboyantly distinctive, showy

Zoarches up - makes bold, unusual, conspicuous, showy or flamboyant

Zoarched up - made flamboyant, showy, or over-the-top with expressiveness
The new museum provides real zoarch along the riverfront.
My designs for the red-carpet need more zoarch for this celebrity.

Where can I see some zoarchy architecture?

He always zoarches up his designs.

His choreography is zoarched up to the point of confusion.
by Juanita de Mango July 13, 2012