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When doing the a-z of names for female genetalia many people come a cropper when it comes to Z. Therefore the word Zlopper came into existence. It has a shedload of onomatopeia, a smattering of alliterationa and a pinch of connotations. This makes it into the perfect choice to describe your lady friends gunk tank.
Gus: Hey Bri, It's Gus.
Bri: I know you daft cunt it says so on my phone display.
Gus: Steady ya fuckin gluebag. Anyway I am teaching my japanese friend Kohei basic english. We went straight in at the deepend with the a-Z of womens gentalia. We are stuck on Q,X,and Z.
Bri: How about: Quim, Xylophone, and Zlopper?
Gus: Perfect, you are a legend.
by Gunk Tank Gus April 20, 2006
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