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(zee -yeah- d)
the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects; perfection.
He is Ziyad.

Oh wow! This tastes like Ziyad! :D
by GSHZSH December 10, 2007
--Is currently high. Easily angered and temperamental. pure hearted and complimenting at rare and irrelevant times. Accusing and very Paranoid. likes to question and very curious. Will lead but wont follow. Proud and stubborn. Has nice eyes and a strong Jaw. Random and Monotonous but leaves an impact on ones life.
"Ziyad has awesomely weird fingers."
by Baracuda! July 05, 2009
a name in which is commonly used in the middle east meaning "enlarging." usually a person with this name will be a famous basketball star with a big ass dick
Ziyad, get your ass over here!
by Ziyad January 10, 2009
A little brown boy with a big ol' dick. Drinks upwards of 35 beers a week and still gets A's. Slams the hottest Flo's in town. Loves drugs.
Hey, have you met Ziyad?

Yeah, I heard he got dat big dick...
by Old Cannon Must May 06, 2013
Ziyad is the name of a male who is usually the biggest idiot. He is that one guy who no one wants to be around. They say that some people have a face only their mother could love. No one loves the face of a Ziyad. Ziyads tend to act gay and think they are tuff. They will try to be cool, only to find out no body likes them
1.Ew it's Ziyad

2. Don't go near him he looks like a Ziyad.
by Psjeneusiw May 31, 2016
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