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A zippy is a lazy individual who still lives at home with his/her parents. They complain often about life is passing them by yet do nothing about it.
I cant believe he still lives at home he is as zippy as they come.
by shaun flynn March 11, 2006
A word used in substitution for any cuss word.
SmokyIzOldSkool: "You're such a ZIPPY!"
Akrubas: "no, u"
by Akrubas May 08, 2009
The University of Akron's kangaroo mascot. She is female, (she has a pouch, male kangaroo's do not have pouches). Her name comes from The Zips, the name of Akron's sports teams.
Did you see Zippy at the game on Saturday?
by Ak-rowdy March 02, 2010
energetic, lively, active
I was really zippy once I drank a cup of tea.
by Light Joker December 29, 2005
puppet from British children's TV programme Rainbow.
George: Bungle's a mincing queen.
Zippy: Everybody knows that.
by itchyscrot April 02, 2003
happy,perky,excessivly happy, just zany in general
Im feeling simply zippy today!
by jennie December 08, 2002
The town of manchester, Vermont OR an exhilarating ride around a parking lot
i want to go home to zippy and do some zippys
by Lex. March 13, 2007