1. Zero. Nothing, nada, zilch.
The score is ten to zippo.
by 5'11"racer November 11, 2006
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n. An expensive, refillable lighter. Usually decorated with designs. They last for a long time, and can be left flaming without holding it like a Bic.
I found my old Jack Daniel's Zippo in my room this weekend; I'm so excited!
by Holly_Day February 02, 2004
best lighters ever made
my zippo is settin right here
by Dan March 23, 2005
1. a metal, refillable lighter that is known for it's rugged design. It is windproof, and has a lifetime guarantee, which is why it's become so popular over tha ages. Zippos often have designs on them to give them "personality." a fuel button does not need to be pressed in order to keep lit, it turns off by closing the lid.
2. a derogatory word used by the military for flamethrower tanks.
I just got a new Zippo, it's so cool!
by pyrotechnik July 09, 2005
1. A lighter noted for its durability.

2. The name of a Charmeleon owned by Ritchie in the Pokemon series.
1. "I just bought a Zippo; my old lighter stopped working."

2. "Zippo! Use Flamethrower!"
by ProudGinger February 12, 2009
nuff' said
Yo i just bought this zippo lighter it's fucking sick!
by zippoman February 11, 2010
classic lighter that you see in any movie where a lighter is featured,

the coolest things ever ;your best friend
in charlies angels full throtle,

"hey, light my blunt"
"sweet i have my zippo on me too"

"im bored"
"lets light shit on fire with my zippo"
by 1004PYROchik October 24, 2009
1) The Best Lighters Ever made. If you use a Bic Flint and just plane Ol' Charcoal lighter fluid.

2) Bad ass due to the fact that every one who is cool has one

3) Named For the grunts who carryed Flame Throwers in WWII.

4) Also a pretty Kick ass dude.
Hey Zippo Let me Hold your zippo, This Zippo over here needs to light a house on fire from 50 yards.
by worik_brown April 01, 2008

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