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The act of catching one's nipple when zipping up a sweater or shirt. One who engages in zippling is known as a zippler.
When Laura was putting a sweater on her dog, she accidently zippled her. Yelp.
by Erika Joan March 23, 2006
15 11
a twisted nipple found on the privates
" dude, you should get your zipple checked"
by zipster123 January 15, 2010
8 6
When you have a zit on your chest that looks like an extra nipple.
Luke's zipple was protruding through his shirt giving the impression that he had three nipples.
by zipple May 06, 2014
0 0
A zoomed in nipple, commonly seen on a computer screen whilst Photshop editing an image.
Bit of zipple action on Helene's screen at the moment.
by Screentime February 11, 2011
2 2
A nipple possessing zits of great proportions.
I finally popped my zipple, there was so much white stuff.
by tinkerbells January 12, 2011
0 1
Acne somewhere on the chest, most often seen on sweaty girls with low tops. A hybrid of the word "zit" and "nipple".
Man, that girl would look great in that tank top if it weren't for all the zipples!
by DevilDoodle June 06, 2009
3 5
Another word meaning nipples, of or pertaining to male or females, as well interspecies creatures.
"Are you cold? ... You're zipples are poppin."
by wouldntulike2no August 16, 2003
6 12