Another word meaning nipples, of or pertaining to male or females, as well interspecies creatures.
"Are you cold? ... You're zipples are poppin."
by wouldntulike2no August 16, 2003
Top Definition
The act of catching one's nipple when zipping up a sweater or shirt. One who engages in zippling is known as a zippler.
When Laura was putting a sweater on her dog, she accidently zippled her. Yelp.
by Erika Joan March 23, 2006
A zit/pimple typically found in the butt region.
Once upon a time before my zipple grew, that's when I had clear skin, now I'm zipple infested.
by Rufurreal December 19, 2014
When you have a zit on your chest that looks like an extra nipple.
Luke's zipple was protruding through his shirt giving the impression that he had three nipples.
by zipple May 06, 2014
A zoomed in nipple, commonly seen on a computer screen whilst Photshop editing an image.
Bit of zipple action on Helene's screen at the moment.
by Screentime February 11, 2011
A nipple possessing zits of great proportions.
I finally popped my zipple, there was so much white stuff.
by ronj January 12, 2011
Acne somewhere on the chest, most often seen on sweaty girls with low tops. A hybrid of the word "zit" and "nipple".
Man, that girl would look great in that tank top if it weren't for all the zipples!
by DevilDoodle June 06, 2009
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