to zing somebody, make a crude insult.
genevieve- that was a zinger
from the latin zingus, used after an especially bad joke has been told, with the teller of the joke yelling "zinger" with an emphasis on the letter "z". This is usually punctuated by the joke teller then making double fist guns and waving them at the subject of the joke, such as Shooter McGavin does in the movie Happy Gilmore.
{bad joke has been told} teller then yells ZINGER!!
by Nick January 19, 2004
Derogatory slang term for Cajuns - people who live or lived in or around Louisiana. Etymology unknown, possibly related to the perception of loud, caustic behavior, similar to the use of zinger to describe verbal or written insults.
I think those damn zingers stole all my Heinken! AND my hot sauce!
by Gryph December 07, 2010
(noun) A gigantic fart.
That zinger really stunk up the house.
by im so great August 11, 2010
a gigantic fart
That zinger stunk up the house for weeks.
by i hate ur ugly face August 31, 2009
A small joint.
lets smoke a little zinger?

Adam: how much we got?
Tim: Enough for a zinger....
by Timothy-Traddle October 09, 2011
A very nice tasting burger, sold in KFC and KES. what most guys have for their lunch. Outrage over the high cost >_<
Dick: gettin a ZINGER!?
Jesus: Ye im gettin a ZINGER, gettin a ZINGER!?
by i <3 June 17, 2008

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