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Zid is the only known word in English that is a noun, verb, and adjective. Zid is just another cool way of saying "cool".
noun: "Man, look at that zid over there, his shirt is so punk rock."
adjective: "He's the most zid kid in the world!"
verb: "Let's go zid on our skateboards."
by GigabiteLol February 21, 2013
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one who is in harmony with the tendecies of ziddy.
The zids drove across the lawn, fingers twisting, hazards blaring, and overflowing with tendency.
by stu April 04, 2004
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Nazi Deniers; naZIDeniers; anti-semitics who use the denial of the Holocaust to further their goals.
Benjamin Cramer is a Zid, his response to all examples of Holocaust Denial are to call you a Yid.
by It's all a bit strange November 08, 2007
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