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The name Zaih itself is the sound of laughter in the night. Her beauty is that of a light at the end of a long, dark cave, of the most beautiful flower in the world at full bloom.
Ziah is always sweet, her laughter cheers up even the most depressed of souls. She is always carring of her partner, and always deserves the world in return. She is, plain and simple, perfect.
No girl could ever outdo her in beauty, for she is the prettiest in the universe. Her eyes are warm an gentle, providing a warm place for lost souls. Her hair is soft and sweet smelling, perfect. Her shape is lucious and absolutely amazing, with hips calling you to grab. Her lips taste like a fruit plucked from a divine tree, tempting and the sweetest taste know to man. Every inch of her body is amazing, and I must leave it at that, for simply knowing would drive any man mad.
Ziah is an angel dressed in black, a dark goddess. Everything about the way she dresses is a dream come true: a girl in black, hiding the perfect body underneath. Her look is metallic, dark, and frightening to some eyes, and is warming to a guy of the same nature.
Above all, Ziah can save someone from taking their own life, and will always provide comfort for someone who is still lost in their own mind and needs a hand to hold.
Ziah is beyond all standards, and is truly the most amazing girl in the world.

I love you more than anything in the world, Ziah.
by Llamacornofdeath November 24, 2013
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