A person who plays Runescape all the time.
Dude, you've been playing this game for 3 days straight. Your such a Zezima
by Hate me now please February 27, 2009
Not #1 anymore.
Runedude1: Hey, did you hear? Zezima's not at the top anymore!

rAnDoMnOoB: He's not? Then who is?

Runedude1: Kingduffy 1 is. However, I still believe in Zezima.

rAnDoMnOoB: Forget Zez! All hail Kingduffy 1!
by Anonlord October 25, 2008
In medical terms, zezima is defined as a predominately hairless growth never found on women.
"be careful, spending too much time on your computer can lead to a bad case of zezima syndrome"
by Hobo_Hank_14 March 30, 2008
A hardworking fat guy, who achives at video games, and fails at life.
Teh Zezima guy is a famous nerd...
by Lolz lowzer October 28, 2008
A nerd who plays runescape and has hacked many accounts according to the San Diego Union Tribute newspapers.
Zezima is such a noob who has three jimmy's.
by jimbo jack jimmy April 04, 2009
A term for someone who only does one thing all day, every day, and excessively. Can sometimes be considered a "robot" to what they do, and they take very little time on important things in life. (family, excercize, etc.) Is motivated to be #1 in what they do.
Person A: I can't go to work today, have to become the number one log runner in the world.
Person B: You're such a Zezima! *cries*
by A7xGirl48 December 10, 2006
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