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A rush of excitement
I was like ZERG when she told me she was DTF.
by LongGoneJohn April 07, 2009
when a bunch of talentless noobs get together and try to use large numbers against one target, instead of skill and tactics.
frog rompers just tried to Zerg Xegony, but they got sent to freeport.... again
by h8ter April 16, 2004
The most popular race used today in Star Craft, or it's expansion set, Star Craft Brood War. Zerg are the most commonly used race because of it's ability to rapidly spawn small pack animals known as 'Zerglings' wich are used to swarm opponents and win.
"Dude, I was GOING to win but Mike_23 swarmed me with zergling!"

"Hey man, I just owned a guy with my zerglings!"
by Ancient-One November 25, 2003
It's like a bunch of people in an MMO, created from the name of a race in the game StarCraft. People who use this word are complete nerds with no life.
Woot! Our 3l33t zerg force pwned your ass.
by Lord Argnot (Level 125) January 12, 2005