Used in MMOs to describe the tactic of rushing through a quest, instance, dungeon, etc. to avoid as much combat as possible and achieve completion as quickly as possible.
This quest is easy, we'll just zerg through it.

"First time in quest; no zerging"
by Nevynn May 09, 2010
Zero Experience Required Guild

I made this up many years ago when i did not know what zerg stood for, sorry but i didn't play SC
OMG here come WoD!

Many example of mass zerg alliances can be found in all mmorpgs
by Duclose May 13, 2010
Hyperion, also known as Hypertron. A massive guild kingdom within the video game 'Darkfall Online' consisting of numbers over 1000.
"Is that a large group of people or a zerg?" "No, that's just Hyperion."
by Hyperionite February 27, 2009
An extremely playable race in StarCraft charaterized by its strong opening power and ease of use. Often whined about by players who say it lacks "tactics" and "skill," but they have been crushed by the Zerg rush.
Kekekeke ZERG RUSH!!!1!
Stop your whining. You lost.
by BM June 26, 2004
A StarCraft term that has carried over to Dark Age of Camelot. When the enemy has guaranteed their victory through sheer force of numbers rather than skill.
Those albs zerged us! WTF!
by Eanur December 02, 2003
Nancy Zerg finally beat record Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings.
Dude, Ken Jennings got zerged!
by cj22 December 02, 2004
when a bunch of talentless noobs get together and try to use large numbers against one target, instead of skill and tactics.
frog rompers just tried to Zerg Xegony, but they got sent to freeport.... again
by h8ter April 16, 2004

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