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blurting out an either offensive, racist, or just completely random word or phrase at the most opportune time to make someone feel uncomfortable, and others laugh hysterically.
everyone becomes quiet at a table of 8...
joe: JEW CANOE!!!!!!
tony: man, you are such a zellner sometimes.. but youve got me laughing like crazy
by Phi Alpha Baller August 31, 2009
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1.A griff with slicked back hair and side burns.

2.A kid who talks just for the sake of hearing him/herself talk.

3.A person who talks about someone behind thier back the second they leave the room.
1. Hey, I got sideburns.

2. "Okay...either A. fill in the blank, B. fill in the blank, or C. fill in the blank!!"

3. "psst...psstt...lets whisper about that person before they get back..."
by Booty April 05, 2004
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