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Generous old boll-weevil Democrat who praised John Kerry as an "authentic national hero" and said that he was "one of the party's best-known and greatest leaders-and a good friend" as well as asserting that "John has worked to strengthen our military, reform public education, boost the economy and protect the environment" at a dinner in his home state of Georgia in the year 2001. Thanks for the kind words, Zell.
I sure hope Zell Miller never goes on a half-coherent tirade at the Republican National Convention and betrays his own party as well as John Kerry, whom he has referred to as a good friend.
by Squid Wrangler March 28, 2005
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dude who challenged the guy at hard ball to a "duel". Too bad these types of fights are not allowed anymore
zell miller > i challenge you to a duel
by Alec December 21, 2004
a badass pimp with balls
Thank God for Zell Miller. Without him, I never would have realized that my personal beliefs are more important than the beliefs of my party, and I never would have been inspired to leave the Republican party, which has now become a conservative dictatorship.

Zell Miller showed me the light. He showed me that partisanship in this country is ridiculous and that middle-of-the-road voters get fucked up the ass by this fucking retarded two-party system.
by Bob Saget November 17, 2004

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