Slang term used to describe a zeon soldier in Mobile Suit Gundam. Primarily used by Federation forces.
I'm going to drive those zeeks off the earth!
by Ghost-101 July 11, 2008
Top Definition
Reference to someone who is far more nerdier than a geek. "a geek to the power of 7"
Someone who describes a 'zeek' with a definition: "a geek to the power of 7"
by Jason Dryburgh August 15, 2006
To Get Your Hair-Line Messed up by a barber....or whoever is cutting your hair.

Line could be pushed back, or not straight.
"I went to that barber and he zeeked me"
"Damn what happened to your line? You got zeeked!"
by Ya Bosses Boss November 16, 2006
Something that is beyond the average "cool" or "awesome".
- "Ezekiel, I just won $250 Million Dollars!!!"
- "Holy Shit Rudolph! That is so Zeeks!"
by igoreee May 03, 2009
An extremely nice guy who thinks he's not as good as I say. He's always really nice & I think hes probably the best guy to know. Your SO lucky if you know Zeek & Love him like I do (:
"Oh that guy is so ZEEK!"
by Jgirl. May 19, 2010
To cut in front of someone who is standing in a queue.
"HEY! You can't zeek me! Go to the end of the line!"
by urbanenglishmajor March 28, 2010
a weird or unusual human that does alienistic things and is usually outkasted by everyone and has no friends they live alone and nibble on things sometimes have weird movements too
Me and my friend walked into burger king and saw a zeek sitting in the corner talking to himself.
by tinman57 August 26, 2008
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