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Jedi master who puts the izzle in shizzle.
Max is a jedi when it comes the bd.
by :o January 20, 2005
Coffee Adicted Adimn at ND80's Server Very Abusesive
Don't Go Marqaha on the noob.
by :o March 01, 2004
D&D playing, mudding, gothic superstar. Who loves the cock.

Usually associated with Ozzy, black dusters, poor higene, and fear of sunlight. Can be mistaken for vampire/walking undead.
I was at disc jockey, and these 3 homogoths were hovering over the Ozzy section.
by :o May 07, 2003
Combination of Nipper and Nissan (Nipsan. Used to make fun of people owning Nissans and pretending not to be ricers.
"look at that gay ass nipsan"
by :O March 17, 2005
One of the most popular races in the table top game, Warhammer 40k. Space marines are basically super soldiers with power armor. The reason for their popularity is
1. Their tactics are fairly straight forward.
2. They are easy to paint.
3. Easy on the wallet since you don't need many of them to have an effective army.
4. They are hella tough.
Damn, he just raped my orc army with his space marines because my orcs have a fucking stupid 6+ save and are raped by bolters.
by :O May 23, 2004
when you fart and it's so strong it tears a hole in your pants
man he ript that one
by :o February 24, 2005
A pie made with smegma.
Bitch wouldn't make me dinner so I forced her to eat some of my cheese pie.
by :O December 21, 2004

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