the guy at the club that is always feinding for a girl.

Ex: "Wow, you're zeeking!"
Wow, do you see that guy zeeking?!
by Gigi101010 December 23, 2014
To cut in front of someone in line.
"Hey! You can't zeek me. The end of the line is down the block in front of the Korean grocer."
by mlhe December 23, 2013
WWII US Marine slang for the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Ubiquitous World War II Japanese fighter aircraft. Now used as a derogatory for an uncool car.
I want to dust off some zeeks (AKA Race some shitboxes).

That zeek hasn't got a clue what his bearings are.
by Matt_Decker February 27, 2008
A nerd who is obsesed with school and has no time for friends.
"Wow, that kids a fuckin' zeek!"
by :O March 17, 2005
That God-Like human that's caring, awesome, and knows how to socialize.
Hey, the newbie is a pretty cool Zeek. We should hang out with him/her and show him/her around.
by ClearlyGod March 17, 2011
someone that is new to the job and has no clue as to what to do or had to do it
this zeek can't even find the washroom.
by orovian75 November 09, 2010
a tall skinny gay bird. n.
often thinks of him self as a "captian" or in charge. adv
to pull a stupid move or act like an idiot. verb
"God damnit zeek your a total fuck up".
Troy said, "zeek your one stupid cunt".
Zeek- oh shit im lost
by adam saad bing bong bodity September 26, 2007

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