Top Definition
Style, charisma, or flair.
"That girl has zazzle."
by Flair March 28, 2003
The ultimate cool.
Veronica and Ryan are freaking zazzle!
by Veronica Luna January 22, 2007
To flirt, seduce, or tempt with effortless, stylish charm and careless allure.
"Where boys mack and girls zazzle."
by Ophelia March 28, 2003
(verb) looking at notes and highlighting as if one were studying, although nothing is sinking in
see also zazzle brite
She zazzled all night. Her notes were all highlighted but she didn't get a thing accomplished!
by CLBG December 16, 2008
the act of badassness
come on guys lets zazzle!
by candice&nicole April 30, 2008
the lending of money
Can you zazzle me so i can play some online poker?
by biggerz10 July 19, 2008
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