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The name of a person being a buzz-kill, a let down, party pooper . Referring to lion king the bird zazoo consistently ruining simba's fun.
Person 1: Oh here comes Zach nichelman!
Person 2: Oh what a zazoo!

Person 3: BUuuuuuzzzzzkilll
by Brad Beatz May 29, 2009
13 4
Definition: Za Zoo is a wife who is slender, tall, athletic, spicy, and loves puppies.
In use: After seeing a sexy married woman, "Woah, look at that za zoo" or "Oh, za zoo, take advantage of me."
by bloodstaindknees September 12, 2013
2 1
1. a brand of condoms.
2. the noun form of 'jeffrey.'
1. Zazoo condoms--fun, sexy, safe!
2. Ugh, you're such a zazoo.
by Jewdy June 21, 2007
8 8