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Slang for San Jose, CA. See San Jose.
"Oakland to Vallejo, Vallejo to the Zay, The Zay to the Sko’ AKA as the Bay" - Zion I from the song "The Bay".
by JVizzle May 06, 2007
cool person
steve: so who'd u hang out with last nite

luie:oh i was walking n talked to a zay on the street that i had never meet we got to know eachother then we went to a bar

steve: oh thats cool
by zay093814 July 18, 2011
A beautiful girl who is usually blonde and short. She makes any guy with her the most lucky guy in the world.
I'm so lucky to have Zay :)
by DaKushkilla November 18, 2010
Zay is the short form of the russian word "Zayebis." Translated into English, this would roughly equate the phrase "Shut the fuck up."
A: So, yesterday me and my girlfriend were talking, and she started telling me about her friend who went to high school with this other girl ...
B: ...ZAY!
by Mariopizza1 May 03, 2011
1. Someone who is obsessed with porn
Wow that Zay has a boner right now (i wonder why).
Don't be a Zay it's not appropriate but it is fun.
by Guiisawesome June 01, 2010
Zay is a response to a question or statement that baffles your mind so much that you only have one response. Usually asked by someone who is confused or lost in life.
Question: Do you guys want to check out the WNBA game tonight?
Response: Zay
by Kyle Bartley November 28, 2007
The word Zay is a thinking man's word and has many different usages: It, This, That, Him, Her etc. Zay is a universal word taking tha place of thousands of pointless nouns. By the year 2008, Zay will be a household word. "Zay", founded in the year 2000 by Websters Pulitzers Shane BD. Doe, and Lary AP. Leray will give the English language a energized, new meaning.
1. I want zay.
2. I love zay
3. Give me zay.
4. I don't like zay

1. I don't like that zay.
2. She's a pretty zay.
3. The zay doesn't smell good.
4. The zay is too long.
by Pilip HA. Facio June 03, 2004
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