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A fat asian person who has been socially rejected by society. A zantash is often too fat to find their dick/fanny. They are usually prostitutes in south east asia, though can be found world-wide.
"Dude lets get some lady boys!"
"Screw that man, lets get a zantash."

"Oh my god! You see that dog across the street?"
"Thats not a dog, its a zantash."

"That zantash is a cunt."
by kangaroo2o2 January 30, 2008
A word to describe someone who stinks like piss 24/7
oh my god that guy is SUCH a smelly zantash
by zcjvhjkxv jxcn January 16, 2008
A morbidly obese and/or unbelievably stupid person.
"I just ate 10 cheeseburgers"
"You stupid fucking Zantash"
by Zantash's Mum February 19, 2008

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