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funny, honest and great to be around, can be crazy at times, and always knows how to make someone laugh. She always gives the truth, it may hurt but in the end its for your own good. One of the best people to have as a friend or more.
kyle: so what to do?
katy: idk chose something
crystal: yea im bored, zandria?
zanny: lets go water skeing out of a plane!
by gomerk April 10, 2010
Pure beauty, sheer gorgeousness, a person with a lot of intelligence and 'oomph' in their life.
A very stubborn person, tell them to do one thing and you can expect them to do a total opposite.
A "zandria" has a lot of motivation in life and has their goals that they are determined to meet.
"Dude if I could change my personality, I would be more like a Zandria."
"Don't joke with me, you could never be as awesome as a Zandria"
"Awh. Sadpanda."
by Hubby167 November 30, 2011
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