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noun, verb, and adjective to mean anything and everything. The zanadoo revolution began in March 2007.

Original conjugations include: zanadoo, zanadoos, zanadooed, zanadooing, zanadid, zanadone, zanadastic, zanaliscious, zanadooperous.
Last night was so zanadoo. We went to this zanadoo party and got our zanadoo on with everyone. It was zanaliscious.
#zanadoo #zanadu #xanadu #xanadoo #sanadu #sanadoo
by Zanadoo March 28, 2007
When a person gives a sarcastic over the top answer to a seemingly reasonable question
1: "When is your birthday"
2: "The 87234th of May. Born 5to the power of 7 years after the fall of the woop woop empire"
1: "You're such a zanadoo"
#zanadoo #xanadoo #sarcasm #outlandish #over the top
by Hellion2 December 10, 2009
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