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exclamation derived from the word "damn"
used when situation requires a stronger expression
"oh zamn! look at that ass!"
"make me say zamn, girl!"
by caralizabeth May 11, 2007
Zombies Ate My Neighbors, a game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System created by LucasArts. This game was known as just "Zombies" in Europe. This acronym can either be pronounced as the letters "Z-A-M-N" or as a word that rhymes with "damn."
"Care for a game of ZAMN?"
by Cleveland Rock August 13, 2007
The onomatopoeia of a pompous, overconfident, or sheik male.
That kid Alex thinks he's so cool, when I work with him all I hear is," "zamn" "Zamn" check out my computer games".
by chi chi anderson June 07, 2006