A sell-out artist, partially known for his chewbacca-snatch hairdo, who crossed from country to metal while sucking Ozzy's 4-inch weasel. The bull-eye's design on his guitar is there to let other men know where to dump their jizz. His common clothing consist of faggot (Harley-riders) clothes along with assless leather chaps. The reason for his current shaggy and homeless appearance is because he is a veteran of the infamous bum fights videos, not a veteran of any war. The reason why he let his beard grow out is because he doesn't want any of his old "clients" from his previous "job" (prostitute) to recognize him and his feminine features. Although not well-known, the reason why this wigger does not like artist Fred Durst is because Durst reminds the assless chap wearing mountain man of his younger rebellious (and gay years) of blowing Ozzy.
Son: "Hey dad?"
Dad: "Yes Son?"
Son: "I want a guitar so I can be like Zakk Wylde!"
Dad:"What?! No son of mine is sucking Ozzy's dick!!!"
by The_Legcay_of_Foamy_Chewbacca August 09, 2011
Top Definition
Outstanding guitarist accomplished in numerous styles ranging from classical to the heaviest metal this side of Tony Iommi. One of the premier guitarists of today. Fiercely loyal to friends, bandmates and fans. Does not suffer fools or assholes well. Big supporter of the Red, White and Blue. Big believer in living by a code of honor. As honest as the day is long. If you don't think you want to know his answer, you best not ask the question. A rock & roll classic.
If you want to hear straight ahead heavy music that does not follow another's lead, dial up some Zakk Wylde.
by Roger January 31, 2005
The most amazing guitarist of the day. Many people assume things about Zakk wylde, but they just realize that theyre punk ass garbage bands or themselves cannot live up to Zakk's blistering solos. Do you see any other bands pull this shit off? Not many. Dimebag Darrell was also good friends with him(R.I.P) Also, people say hes a wannabe biker. He isnt a wannabe, and I guarantee you wouldnt say that to his face. Quit hiding behind the fucking screen, and do something if you feel that way. Also as said before, extremely loyal to friends, and also a very caring person. Get on his bad side though, and he'll kick your ass. Enough said.
Nick-"Holy shit, that punk just called Zakk wylde a poser!"
Ethan-"Better call the EMS and tell them to bring 2 body bags-One for him and the other one for his asshole after havin a boot put through it"
by Nick April 08, 2005
An excellent guitar player who often uses natural harmonics and pinched notes.

(By the way, he is in fact better than Tom from Blink 182. There is no way in hell that Tom could play any of Zakk's solos.)
Zakk Wylde is better at guitar than you.
by Chris Macabre March 05, 2004
the only really talented guitarist of today. most of todays bands suck, but black label society kicks ass.
zakk wylde will kick your ass.
by MetallilbangeR April 07, 2005
The best guitar player on the planet. Ozzy Osbourne's main axeman and Black Label Societys ring leader. Founded Southern rock infused Pride and Glory and his solo 'Book Of Shadows' cd is considered one of the best cds ever produced by critics, hates pussy bands and wants to pound Fred Durst just for being a wannabe.
God on guitar. Nuff said
by beerdog September 16, 2004
Today's God father of guitar players. He is truly the next jimi Hendrix.
Zakk is way better than any other guitar player of today's bands.
Zakk is incomparable with other amateur guitarists, especially Tom of blink 182, which sucks dick big time anyway... IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY OPINION, YOU CAN FUCK YOUR SELF AND I'LL BE WATCHING YOU CRYING FOR THAT.
by Satyrz_Rule May 22, 2004
Leader of the Black Label Soceity. He is the singer as well as guitar player. He is the best guitar player known to man.
Zakk Wylde could kick anybodys ass.
by seabass February 22, 2005

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