Incredible human being with a heart bigger then my home state. (texas)
so fuck all of u assholes who think you know, he is one of the few human beings in the music biz with his priorities straight. o and the fucker shreds like hell too.
Dont believe me? get the "broozed, boozed, and broken boned tour" on DVD and youll see what i mean
by CAmeron March 17, 2005
One of the most influential and original guitarists of all time. Joined Ozzy Osbourne's band in December of 1987, and still remains faithful to the Ozzman today. He also has a full catalog of albums with his own band, Black Label Society, and has a southern metal record called Pride And Glory.
Bone crushing metal riffs and explosive, over the top solos consisting of Pentatonic mayhem.
by Ryan Ratliff December 05, 2003
One of the greatest guitarist to ever live on this planet. He has been Frintman and guitarist of Black Label Society and Lead guitar for ozzy. He can play everything and anything from classical to heavy metal.
Zakk Wylde a true god on the guitar
by mastodon October 09, 2005
Great guitarist for sure, but i prefer him as a songwriter, his solos are not the ones that you remember for a long time, his songs maybe yes. He wrote some killer ballads ('No other' for example) and some great tunes from Pride and Glory to BLS. Forget his rightwing political attitude, he's still a great songwriter and i respect much him cause he actually can play a guitar, he's not making success like the 99% of mtv crap only because they're young and cute.
Zakk wylde is a great guitar player
by Treddy May 27, 2006
This is the god of the guitar and Heavy Metal music.
Oh my god, Zakk Wylde is fucking good !
by inanmb December 13, 2006
A sell-out artist, partially known for his chewbacca-snatch hairdo, who crossed from country to metal while sucking Ozzy's 4-inch weasel. The bull-eye's design on his guitar is there to let other men know where to dump their jizz. His common clothing consist of faggot (Harley-riders) clothes along with assless leather chaps. The reason for his current shaggy and homeless appearance is because he is a veteran of the infamous bum fights videos, not a veteran of any war. The reason why he let his beard grow out is because he doesn't want any of his old "clients" from his previous "job" (prostitute) to recognize him and his feminine features. Although not well-known, the reason why this wigger does not like artist Fred Durst is because Durst reminds the assless chap wearing mountain man of his younger rebellious (and gay years) of blowing Ozzy.
Son: "Hey dad?"
Dad: "Yes Son?"
Son: "I want a guitar so I can be like Zakk Wylde!"
Dad:"What?! No son of mine is sucking Ozzy's dick!!!"
by The_Legcay_of_Foamy_Chewbacca August 09, 2011
A rightwing conservative Christian but all of his little fans are the biggest leftwing anti-Christian bigots you've ever heard of.
Is Zakk buds with Uncle Ted?
by Rock & Roll-over metal January 22, 2005

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