A fairly good looking guy that can cook butter chicken, briyani and make people hungry! He is like a coconut, hard from the outside and soft from the inside. He likes to write the word swag eveywhere! He loves to take long walk on beaches with south Asian women that is a Zain thing to do! He can make people laugh till they cry and likes to expose!!!!! He Likes to eat Samosas with Chutney, typical Zain!
Lets take a walk on the beach with south asians, that is such a zain thing to do!
by birthdaytwin October 01, 2011
a person who is up for anything, is willing to go out on a limb for anyone.
Is known for his horrible sense in pranks.
Is easily scared by girls, jury is out if he is one.
Is usually known for his forward dressing sense.
Is a bad cook.
Wow, you look like zain today.
this is some in-Zain food.
I am going to zain you.
by youllneverfindoutlol September 08, 2008
Spanish word for an intense 13 man gang bang.
1: Hey where were you last night?
2: Well i was involved in a zain in an alley last night. It was good!
by merclarenz April 18, 2011
A widely popular pornographic genre among many young children of the middle east. A "Zain" is a joke by many parents that name there kids. By birth, if ones child looks like he has a small penis but oversized testicle area, the parents name him "Zain". Many shock videos titled "Zain Porn" include a man named Zain with a small penis yet over sized Testicle area. The medical term is Testicular Elephantitis.
Man that boy i was with had a really weird cock.
How so?
Well his balls were huge but his dick was small
YUP thats a ZAIN!
ohhhh no wonder
by anonomous3222323 November 28, 2011
An idiot who is bound to fail one grade of his school time. Maybe even a failure in life and has a very small brain spam.
Man you're dumber than a Zain
by bigman890 December 12, 2011
in other words, GHABEEYA. wahada mish fahmana. One that is self conceeded and annoying. Two faced as well :))
ZAIN is the girl that goes to university of houston and studies there
by SydneyJefferies April 05, 2010
Hebrew for Penis. used also mostly in non sexual expressions :
"lo sam zain" = I don't give a damm,
by Miki D March 16, 2005

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