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The coolest guy in the world. That's there for everything or anyone no matter what.
"Man Your Such a Zaheer"
by FlyGuy September 05, 2004

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A name for a beautiful Guyanese man with an absolutely massive penile structure which towers over the city's skyscrapers. A man with this name enjoys being a faggot and masturbating excessively. His Throbbing cock floods the streets with semen on a daily basis.
Bob:Hey zaheer!
Zaheer ejaculates all over the town.
by mymotherhasamassivebuttcrack August 26, 2013
originating from an Arabic word, referring to a person who is not to be trusted. Can also be used to show vexation.
That guy is REALLY annoying... he's a real zaheer.
by The Munktasmic Moogle October 27, 2003