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Short for "zaggot faggot" this term has nothing to do with homosexuality (and the use of the word faggot is not intended to offend anyone in the gay community). Rather, this term refers to someone who must always consider their Zagat Guide before going out to eat, or drink. What you thought was a casual suggestion to get pizza turns into an ordeal as they furiously scan the pages searching for the place with the perfect menu, atmosphere, location, and price. While out, they will also check the entrance to a restaurant for the little "Zagat-rated" sticker demarcating the location as somewhere acceptable to eat. It is not unusual that you will be with a zag-fag who will refuse to go into a food establishment that is without this sticker, even though you or they may be very, very hungry. In exact opposition to what the Zagat guide was intended for, these people can make dining an excruciating experience.
Al: "We have been wandering through this barren wasteland for three days without food and barely any water. Oh my god, look over there, a pizza place!"
ZF: "Okay, let's drag ourselves over and check it out..."
Al: "Sweeeet. I'm going in!"
ZF: "But no, don't do it! It isn't Zagat rated!!!"
Al: "Stop being such a zag-fag!"


Beatrice:"I brought a cake for you. I baked it from scratch!"
ZF: "Ew, I can't eat that, your kitchen isn't Zagat-rated. Remove this abomination from my presence immediatly."
Beatrice: "You ungrateful zag-fag!"

Beatrice: *drops cake and runs away crying*
by P adre Pivo June 02, 2009
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someone who goes to Gonzaga
Landon guy: Dude, look at that zag fag over there..
Prep guy: lets get drunk and beat him up
by tina c January 03, 2005

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