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the act or state of being a douche bag. The guy that goes around harassing and touching his family members.
Hey Zach your a douche bag and i hope you rape you parents.
by Zach Curran February 12, 2007
64 140
A big headed fagot that sit around all day playing the computer and masterbaiting to necrophilia porn.
that guy is just like Zach
by edawrd February 07, 2009
53 131
a short, obnoxious, sometimes idiotic orthodox.

enjoys making racial comments and obscene jokes.
michael: yeah, because you're jewish!
rhea: that was such a zach joke.
by beanernumbero2 October 20, 2008
43 122
(noun) A guy who likes to take it up the butt or (verb) the act of taking it up the butt.
Dude, you're a total Zach.

Dude, you got Zached at the party last night by some homo.
by Some Name Not Used Yet February 12, 2009
41 124
Not to be confused with any regular Zach, this queer boy writes songs about the boy, Christian, that he is in love with. He also wants that Christian boy to teach him how to ice skate. He also brags about the mass amounts of sex he had with his midget ex girlfriend. He also likes to get in random freshman's pants, but always fails. He looks very gay with his straightened hair.
Holy crap, Zach is STILL trying to get in my boyfriend's pants!
by lerar August 22, 2008
44 129
A Person who is racist to kurds.
Also search Batty Man
A kurdish girl walks into a music room and someone shouts FUCKING KURDS and makes a girl cry, that person would be a zach!
by Big-Bad-Wolf January 30, 2006
30 117
likes to like ballsacks to get ball sweat in his mouth
by johnnydogoodiloveu February 04, 2009
50 138