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something that is both awesome and amazing (which is why there are two a's)
Sox v Yankees. Game 7. Yankee Stadium. Front row seats. Zaang!

joe: "check out the body on that girl"
paul: "zaang!"
by Joe Swisher May 14, 2007
Better than amazing. Better than awesome. When you cannot describe how good something is with words, the word you need to know is zaang
"I just won the bloody lottery! This is zaang!"
by Ricky Lennon January 11, 2008
The word to describe something that is greater than words. When you are speechless due to amazement, it is the word you are looking for.
'Holy #&$@, that girl just banged up that bouncer. That was zaang!"
by nate rogers January 12, 2008
something great that becomes greater as time goes on.
FIRST GUY: "If the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup, it will be ZAANG!"


FIRST GUY: The thrill will be amazing, but it will take a while to set in. Imagine bragging in school the day after... WHOOOOAAAA DUDE!!!!"
by Rich Pavilion March 17, 2008
Really awesome, really amazing
"Shaq's crib is zaang!" - Me

"My job is zaang! I make millions and all I do is sleep all day!"
by brad_the_jacobs March 22, 2008
Term used in the fanfiction community for the yaoi/slash pairing of Zuko/Aang from the show Avatar: The Last Airbender.
the Zaang pairing has been getting more fans after the episode where aangs asks if they could've been friends.
by Kimiko_Jade_charou December 03, 2006
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